2,3 km  -  30 minutes walking  -  35 mouse clicks


5,2 km  -  18 minutes biking  -  59 mouse clicks


6,2 km  -  8 minutes by car  -  67 mouse clicks

Traveling via Google Street View


Nowadays it's fairly easy to get from A to B - even in cities we have never been to. Within a few seconds we type routes and follow calculated tracks on our smartphone.

The effects of the Corona Virus are clearly noticeable - our freedom of movement is considerably restricted. Any kind of traveling is explicitly dissuaded from. Our range of motion is smaller than ever before. A city visit? Sightseeing? - seemingly impossible.

And yet services like Google Street View allow us to virtually walk along entire streets and explore cities. Traveling via a screen? - Total nonsense or a future model?


Digitally walking through the streets of Genk I researched distances, time and the patterns appearing on my screen indicating the route I 'walked'.