is an experiment of embodiment through movement meditation, a video documentation of it and an oil painting, appeared as a result. The artistic research revolves around the topic of connection between body and space, humans and nature.

"As a child, I believed there were volcanoes in my city. I never understood why people kept telling me there were none."

This story was once told to me by my friend, who grew up in Donetsk (mining city in Ukraine). She was referring to slag heaps (mining hills) that look so much like volcanoes. This idea fascinated me and led to further thoughts on the way we, humans, reshape nature and relate to nature.

Researching volcanoes both from scientific and cultural points of view, I found a lot of similarities between them and mines, despite the way they were created (naturally/artificially), and volcano itself became for me a symbol of reshaping nature. In mythology, Vulcan is a God of fire, a manufacturer of art and arms, who lives under volcano Etna, where he has his forge.

It was believed that humans stole the secret of fire from Vulcan. Literally and symbolically, fire represents both the disruptive and life-giving forces. We know the secret of fire, but what do we choose to do with it?

I did a movement meditation with an image of volcano on my mind as a starting point and to the sound of volcano. A title of an experiment is a part of the notes, written after meditation:

" I feel inner tension, inner stimulation. I surrender, I feel power. My blood becomes lava. I am a volcano. I am inside a volcano"