The four phases are sub divided into seven stages.

The findings from the different Sources: mining, Genk, design, fashion and coronavirus, are organized following the alchemic structure.

The work conveys the alchemic structure, which is divided into four phases ( nigredo, albedo, citrinitas & rubedo) which in turn are subdivided into seven stages. Because the alchemic processes is about the conciliation of opposites, in the work this duality is present.

1. Calcination - breaking down parts

2. Dissolution - recognizing opposites

3. Separation - observation of each particle

4. Conjunction - the simmering

5. Fermentation - refinement of matter

6. Distillation - further purification

7. Coagulation - conciliation of opposites

Note : Searching for a symbolic object that embodies the work.

I am looking for a synthesis that materialize the visual work.

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Designed by Antonia Ingrey 


Antonia Ingrey - Zane Sabule 

Naomi Hattler -  Mariia Lukianchuk

Hannah Hübner - Paula Tabárez.