Current location: Ukraine 

I feel that in these times imagination is needed more than ever. Imagining Genk while not being able to go there. Imagining the outside world through the movement that happens inside, while we are physically locked in one place. It's a time of uncertainty, probably as it was for miners after the mines were closed down. But it’s also time to look inside, to imagine and to search for uniting while being physically separated. Río Abajo Río (the river beneath the river) is one of many names for a common archetype of Woman that exists in different cultures and times. It is time to search for a deeper inner belonging, feeling, knowledge, for roots and routes, for Río Abajo Río. 


Current location: The Netherlands

When I was younger I was told many times that using a computer for more than 2 hours a day meant you have an addiction to technology. Now as an adult I am one of many in a mass migration towards a second home in the virtual world. I am sitting on the dinner table and I am watching a live stream of an art opening in Vienna, the artist seems more approachable and vulnerable, she struggles with the internet connection, how weird it is to think that she cannot see me. It isn't much different to seeing a stranger on the street but being anonymous I feel an external pressure to announce my presence, like I am being rude by just watching this girl’s live stream. It's a paradox. 


Current location: Argentina

I believe the isolation is affecting my working in a sense that I am alone, encapsulated, concentrated, with a few resources, there is an outer hostility and I feel closer to the mining world - all of this will lead to a simpler, deeper and darker outcome.

Working on this project, I have had the impression of finding missing pieces and leads to a forgotten territory, somewhat similar to the feeling of listening to an old tale.


Current location: Germany

As a first reaction, I was scared. It was the fear of something that is much bigger than we are. Something we have to give in to, something that will bring us to our knees. As the first days in isolation passed by and I found a safe place amongst my loved ones, I started to see the changes around me more and more as a big chance for humanity. The crisis seemed more and more as the inevitable answer of the earth. As an alarm signal. When a body is overworked, it breaks down. When a device is overloaded, it shuts down. 

Can we start seeing this crisis as an opportunity to transform the way we live, the things we prioritize and strive for, how we are treating the earth and ourselves?

In restriction there lies freedom.


Current location: Germany

Strange times. Surreal times. Maclot's campaign ‘Droomland Genk' ('Genk - Country of Dreams') is starting to become an ironic reality for us. Letting our imagination become one of the main accesses to a city we cannot enter physically allows us to travel beyond closed doors and sealed off borders.

Isolated in my four walls questions on private, public and virtual spaces arise. More and more virtual doors are opened. Computer screens become our main interfaces with the world. Digital ways of communication and collaboration are on a rise. 

How does that affect concepts of neighbourhood, community and solidarity? With the world being in a threshold situation, I believe that it is important to create new ways of sharing and togetherness.


Current location: The Netherlands

Already when we started this project and we had no clue what is going to come ahead, I felt like I am preparing for this moment.

For a moment when time becomes a relative definition of the journey.

I am glad that our group has come up with a solution for a way to let others experience, share and discuss. We all are facing challenging times now and I feel like this website is a small part of us sharing our journey - something we miss or something we call a moment of coming back to ourselves.

Realizing, accepting, forgiving, reflecting and trusting.