"Within the anlage is the primal substance which in time will develop, causing us to become a complete someone" --- Clarissa Pinkola Estés

"I have become something of a home body" --- Georges Perec

"There was time there were no corridors, nor parks, nor town or country as we see and imagine them now" --- Georges Perec

Anlage (from German: 'foundation, basis') is the part of a cell characterised as 'that which will become'. It is the potential for further growth and development.

For my process, it is a way of seeing 'in-between', a constant movement, something that is becoming. Ourselves, spaces, thoughts, interactions, historical events. Once mining was Anlage, going deep inside the Earth. And someday we will see how the state we are in today: locked in our homes and our minds, going deep inside our souls, surrounded by uncertainty - was Anlage.

Creating of the artwork followed the same process:

The first idea appeared while a sketch a self-portrait was transforming into something much more abstract and less determined: is it a body, an object, a space? is it a shadow or a part of it?

The painting itself covers another painting, done by me a year ago. Has the story disappeared, transformed? Is it hidden or even more seen, as the texture of it can not be covered?

The background was made using the colour, left from working on another painting. Is it a coincidence or a choice, can we 'know' in the moment?