My body, underground

My head, the ceiling hanging over it

My feet, stepping on the uneven surface

My eyes, still not used to the darkness

My ears, trying to understand

what I still can’t

My body, going up the stairs,

going in circles

My feet, going down the stairs,

going in circles

Light-dark, light-dark

I am losing the feeling of space

I am losing the feeling of my own body

'A Falling Home' is a series of sketches and a mock-up of an installation, planned to be used for stop motion film. It is an exploration of psycho-physical connection and co-influence between space and body, inspired by visiting the mines in Genk.

A boat-house, built from separate pieces of wood, connected only with the help of threads, stabilised with the nails, not attached to the walls. A home and movement as an inevitable part of it.

It is an attempt to grasp the history of mining: instability and fragility of one's place, protection and belonging; an embodiment of my feeling inside the mines.

A small story behind the script for stop motion film.

A space that looks like a boat and a house at the same time, is placed on the top of the mining hill in Genk. Located on the uneven surface, it gives a feeling that it is about to fall apart.

A person enters the space, he is too big for it. There is no ceiling there, but his hight is reaching the hight of the walls. The floor shakes with every step he takes, and the house gains more and more movement. The person sees two doors on two sides of the corner. They seem too small for him, but he tries to approach them anyway. As he tries to open the door, another door starts opening by itself. A gasp of wind comes from the doors. He tries to close the door, another door closes as well. Confused, he engages into a fight with the doors, trying to hold one and another, running between them. Finally he steps back, and as he steps back, the doors open and close the last time, giving him the last strong gasp of wind.