Fire and human are closer than we can imagine, they both are the powers of destruction and creation, disruptive and life-giving forces.

Human stole the secrets of fire, they went deep inside the earth to take it. Humans started to build their own volcanoes. 

Now it is time to create a fire of contemplation, a fire to protect the connection. 

My back is a mountain, my spine is a tree. 

They have natural textures as they are part of it. 

There is no nature and humans. 

I am nature and nature is me. 

To protect nature is to protect myself. 

To destroy nature is to destroy myself. 

I am a first human-being, hiding in the cave from danger, from storms and enemies, from death.

I am Saint Barbara, hiding in the mine from my father, who wants to take away my belief, from death. 

I am Mariia, hiding in my room in Ukraine from virus, from death.

And I am also a shelter, made from Earth, Water, Fire and Wood.


The day will come, and I will need to leave my shelter, as I can not hide all my life and all lives that go through me. I will take a step, and nothing will be as before. The danger will stay, but I will become wiser, knowing. 


Because where I am now is where my base is, I am the anlage, that which will become. 


Once again, I took a step back to change the direction and take a step forward. 

I am preparing for it. 



"As a child, I used to believe there were volcanoes in my city" - once said to me by my friend, who grew up in a mining city, referring to slag heaps that look so much like volcanoes. 


Wood and fire for shelter, defence and rituals.

Humans reshaping nature, nature reshaping humans.

"I grew up near the mountains, and they formed my imagination: imagination of nature, wide spaces, colours. I know a person, who grew up seeing mines and mining hills... it is a completely different imagination" - told me Iryna Firman, a member of Ukrainian community in Genk.


Ancient Greeks celebrating Volcania in the name of God of Fire with hanging their clothes on the sun. Miners hanging their clothes that never dry before they need to wear them again. 


In Jewish tradition there is a tale about Modest mountain that is not the highest or strongest one, but can still contain a power of fire that can destroy all the life or create most of the surface of earth. 


"Within the anlage is the primal substance which in time will develop, causing us to become a complete someone" --- Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Anlage (from German: 'foundation') is the part of a cell characterised as 'that which will become’; it is the potential for further growth and development. 

I perceive it as a way of seeing 'in-between', a constant movement, something that is becoming. Once mining was Anlage, going deep inside the Earth. And someday we will see how the state we are in today: locked in our homes and our minds, going deep inside our souls, surrounded by uncertainty - was Anlage


Albert Camus once wrote that Sisyphus is is a symbol of humanity. Then he asked if we could imagine him happy. Miner, who spent half of his life under earth, once told me that he never regretted it.


It’s time of uncertainty, probably as it was for miners after the mines were closed down. But it’s also time to look inside, to imagine and to search for uniting while being physically separated. It is time to search for a deeper inner belonging, feeling, knowledge, for roots and routes.

It’s time to create a fire of contemplation, it’s time for The Beginning.