The hand print of men 

by Antonia Ingrey 

In situ 

At an abandoned mine in a natural setting where nature has retaken the place.

At an abandoned mine in a natural setting where nature has retaken the place.



Exhibition view

Exhibition view



the scene 

How did I do it?

How did I do it?


This Work is the result of what seemed irreconcilable elements.  Genk, a divided city summoned the following themes; mining, mapping, art , fashion design and alchemy.  

All of this reached a further complex point in the face of coronavirus.  During the research I have crossed different territories, Genk , Maastricht, Buenos Aires and Cordoba…

Now looking back I feel as during the project there was an ongoing interdisciplinary and crisis quality. Questions on the relationship between man and nature have always been present.


The gloves-hands are the symbolic object that synthesize: the alchemic laboratory, fashion and design, hand labour mining and the pandemic. Gloves that work, transform, heal, protect, invade, destroy and create. 



The question became: What does man leave behind? 


During the research there was an ongoing tension of opposites, that triggered reflection and inspiration. The strength of man vs nature or rather the intrusion of man in nature?

The sophisticated vs the raw, modern vs archaic , community vs isolation, greed vs work, industrial vs artistic, up and down, hidden vs evident, body vs tools, debris vs precious and  dark vs light.  The work was tempered by texture and the four elements.