MAPPING THE CITY is a collaborative research project between six interdisciplinary art students

from iArts Maastricht - Netherlands.

Under the mentorship of artists Juul Sadée and Lies Serdons, we are researching the city of Genk - Belgium from a societal, historical, geographical, philosophical, poetic and cultural perspective.

From the outset, this project relied heavily on field research. Using our senses we began to experience the city and naturally found our own fascinations ranging from Genk's coal mining history to current food culture. The outbreak of the coronavirus has pushed us to rethink our approach to this project and inevitably ask ourselves: How can imagination, memories and conversations become tools to come to know a city without being there physically?

How can we present our thoughts and ideas in a society which resides in the void between physical and virtual realities?


Here we present our findings as a virtual open studio.


Zane Sabule

Currently in 

Maastricht, Netherlands

Naomi Hattler

Currently in

Freiburg, Germany

Antonia Ingrey

Currently in

 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mariia Lukianchuk

Currently in

Kiev, Ukraine

Paula Tabárez

Currently in

The Hague, Netherlands

Hannah Hübner

Currently in

Wiesbaden, Germany


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